TV Program “Rabitechi”

Since September of 2005, the television program “Rabitechi” sponsoring and providing by the companies AzerSat LLC / Delta Telecom LTD will be telecasted every month over the Space TV channel. The main goal of this TV program is to inform the televiewers about the services, realized new projects within the territory of our Republic and up-to- date technologies of the companies AzerSat LLC/ Delta Telecom LTD.
In this TV program, representatives, senior staff and experts of the enterprises, using the services of the companies AzerSat LLC/Delta Telecom LTD expressed their opinions about the services of our company in their interviews. Our specialists and experts will respond to all the questions you are interested in through direct broadcast. By this TV program you have the great opportunity to get the information not only about innovations and events occurred in the Internet world, but also about the attained successes and services of our company.

2005-09-15 ||