Azerbaijan main provider Delta Telecom upgrades backbone network across the country

Main provider of Azerbaijan - the company Delta Telecom - began to modernize IP / MPLS-network all over the country, told Trend CEO of Delta Telecom Ramadan Veliyev.
According Veliev’s, in the course of modernization in key backbone network nodes Delta Telecom will install routers with 100-gigabit interface capable of simultaneously switching high volumes of data traffic.
Supplier serves American telecommunications equipment maker Juniper Networks.
"The project involves the creation of redundant network between the districts of Azerbaijan. Backup network will consist of three branches, the bandwidth between them will reach 100 gigabits, that is technically network will switch 300 gigabits of traffic. Currently, the number of key backbone nodes across the country has 14 units. Network IP / MPLS covered all regions of Azerbaijan ", - said Veliyev.
Modernization of IP / MPLS-network, according Veliev’s creates opportunities for operators of Azerbaijan used its benefits, which positively affects the quality of the services they provide to end users.
"IP / MPLS network is built to cover the needs of operators in high-speed access. Example, modernization of IP / MPLS-network will enable mobile operators that have deployed networks 3G, effortlessly migrate to the network of the fourth or fifth generation. Difficult the transition can be consider the transition from 2G networks to 3G, as used in the second generation radio link, while in 3G uses optical cables, which significantly extends the possibility of carrying capacity, "- said Veliyev.

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