EPEG regional trunk cable commissioned

The fibre-optic trunk cable EPEG (Europe Persia Express Gateway) was put into operation, CEO of Delta Telecom Ramadan Veliyev told Trend.
Partners of EPEG are Iranian TIC, Omani Omantel, Russian Rostelecom and international C & W (Cable & Wireless).
The EPEG cable connecting Oman and Frankfurt, also passes through the territory of Azerbaijan, Poland and Ukraine. In each of these countries the route is organised on a rental facility basis. Azerbaijan is represented in the EPEG project by Delta Telecom whose network infrastructure is involved in the project. The data throughput of the EPEG trunk cable is 3.2 Tbit /s and its length is about 10 thousand kilometres.
According to Valiyev, the project is highly remunerative and promises substantial revenue growth to Azerbaijan's state budget.
"Certain capacities of the cable drawn between Frankfurt to Oman have already been activated. Of course, this does not mean they will immediately be realised. Today, both Cable & Wireless and Omantel started their realisation. It is forecast that by 2016 the total capacity of the cable line will be increased to 15 Tbit, "said Valiyev.

2013-06-03 ||Trend.az