21 years pass since occupation of Shusha

21 years have passed since Shusha city of Azerbaijan was occupied by Armenians.
The occupation of Daghlig Garabagh ended as Azerbaijan’s city having ancient, rich history and culture was occupied by Armenian Armed Forces.
With this, Armenians actually achieved separation of the region from Azerbaijan. As a result of the occupation of Shusha, 480 civilians were killed, 600 wounded, 22,000 displaced. 68 people were taken hostage by the Armenians. Nothing is known about their fate. As a result of the occupation, a number of historical-cultural monuments in Shusha were destroyed by Armenians. Here include 279 religious, historical and cultural monuments, as well as Khan cave, Gakhal cave, Shusha castle.
Armenians destroyed or misappropriated a number of Azerbaijani monuments. They destroyed 7 pre-school facilities, 22 comprehensive schools, cultural, agricultural technical schools, 8 culture houses, 14 clubs, 20 libraries, 2 cinemas, 3 museums and factory of Eastern musical instruments.

2013-05-07 ||mincom.gov.az