AVG: Each 39th Internet user in Azerbaijan is victim of Internet attacks

Azerbaijan ranks fourth in the list of countries most affected by Web-attacks, the AVG Company's research says.

According to the AVG Company, every 39th Internet user in Azerbaijan is the victim of Internet attacks.

AVG used data on more than 100 million computers in 144 countries to form a rating.
Russia leads the list of the most unsafe countries, where each 10th user becomes the victim of malicious attacks, in Turkey - each 15th.

The U.S. in the list of most vulnerable countries ranks the ninth, where one user out of 48 becomes victim of attack, UK -ranks 30th (one of 63), Australia - 36th (one of 75), China - 79th (one of 135), Brazil - 98th (one of 155), Czech Republic - 118th (one of 183).

According to AVG, the safest countries are Japan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria.

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2010-08-23 ||