Azerbaijan commemorates 24th anniversary of 20th January tragedy

Monday, Azerbaijan commemorates the 24th anniversary of the 20th January tragedy.
January 20, 1990 is a day, which went down in history of the struggle for the freedom and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, as a heroism page. Leading the battle divisions of the Soviet army to suppress wide masses, who got out in the streets and squares of Baku to protest against aggressive actions of Armenia, which was made territorial claims to the country, and against support this country received from the government of the former USSR had resulted in the unprecedented tragedy in Azerbaijan.
On those terrible days valiant sons and daughters of Azerbaijan, who put the country's freedom, honor and dignity above all, sacrificed their lives and fell shahid.
The 20th January tragedy, which brought to huge losses and destruction of innocent people, demonstrated martial spirit, inexorability and pride of our nation, which couldn't stand betrayal policy of the criminal empire led by Gorbachev towards Azerbaijan, aspired to freedom and independence. As a result of it, Azerbaijani people gained the independence that many years it had been dreaming of and our country had achieved sovereignty.
In spite of the fact that a few years has passed since those bloody days, Azerbaijani nation remembers that dreadful night and expresses its deep contempt to those who committed that tragedy. Azerbaijan commemorates the day of January 20th tragedy broadly every year, which had immortalized in the vital memory of Azerbaijani nation as a Day of the Nationwide Sorrow.

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