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LTE to dominate M2M market after 2021

Mobile machine-to-machine (M2M) connections (not including NB-IoT) will reach 733 million globally by 2021, according to Ovum’s latest forecasts. Re.... More

Apple discontinues support for iPhone 4

iPhone 4 was unveiled by Apple almost 6 years ago and has become an iconic machine for the company. Surprisingly, until now, this 3.5 inch smartphone .... More

Panasonic to build a futuristic smart house in Berlin

Panasonic Corporation will build a "smart house" using the latest environmentally friendly technologies, renewable energy, and the "Internet of Things.... More

The carry-on bag that charges your phone

There, next to the half-eaten breakfast sandwich Id left sitting on my bag, was my phone, tethered by a power cord to the suitcase below. Suitcase, br.... More

Azespace-1 to broadcast international games in Kyrgyzstan

The Second World Nomad Games, which will be held on 3-8 September 2016 in Kyrgyzstan, will be broadcast live with the use of Azerspace-1 satellites re.... More

Researchers demonstrate keyboard stroke recognition using Wi-Fi signals

A joint team of researchers from Michigan State University and Chinas Nanjing University successfully used an off-the-shelf computer and Wi-Fi equipme.... More

Israeli startup company converts organic waste to cooking gas

An Israeli startup company called Home Biogas is trying to solve the garbage problem with a special system that turns waste into cooking gas. An a.... More

Remote controlled microbots for medical uses inside body

Taking inspiration from bacteria, a team of Swiss scientists has developed a platform for developing microrobots that can be customized for various me.... More

Japanese bank developing facial biometric payments system

One of Japans biggest banks, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, or SMFG, is exploring the use of facial recognition as a substitute for payment cards, r.... More

What are the health risks of having a different Facebook self ?

People may express their true self more easily on Facebook than in person, and the more ones "Facebook self" differs from their true self, the greater.... More

Microsoft buys Genee to add artificial intelligence to Office 365

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Genee, an Apple iOS calendar scheduling app based on artificial intelligence, which Microsoft said will be .... More

The computer that can read your mind: AI is able to predict sentences before you say them

Until we open our mouths to speak, it is possible for most of us to keep our thoughts to ourselves. But computers could soon be able to predict what .... More

Minister of Communications and High Technologies Ramin Guluzade receives citizens in Ganja

Heads of central executive authorities continue receiving citizens in regions on the instructions and recommendations of the President of the Republic.... More

Estream, a portable water turbine to power electronic devices

Estream is the latest technology that provides portable power for electronic devices. It is hydro-turbine that uses the force of flowing river streams.... More

Smartphone sales grew 4.3% globally in 2016 second quarter: Gartner

Sale of smartphones to end-users totalled 344 million units globally in the second quarter of 2016 -- a 4.3 per cent increase over the same period in .... More

Down to the wire: Researchers and new bacteria

Scientists sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) have genetically modified a common soil bacteria to create electrical wires that not only c.... More

Scientists are using nanorobots to target cancer tumours

Scientists are hailing a spectacular breakthrough in cancer research by developing an army of “nanorobots” that can navigate a patient’s bloodst.... More

New nano-material promises 2GB data speed per second

Scientists have developed a new material that may not only provide efficient lighting, but also power wireless internet with data speed of up to two g.... More

MITs DuoSkin turns temporary tattoos into on-skin interfaces

Your next tattoo could be functional as well as aesthetic. A new MIT Media Lab product called DuoSkin created in partnership with Microsoft Research t.... More

Google is secretly creating a new OS that’s not based on Linux

Heres a bit of unexpected Friday news: Google is building a completely new operating system. As in, not just an upgrade to Android or Chrome OS, but i.... More

Seagate announces 60TB SAS SSD

Today at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California Seagate Technology made two big announcements: they announced a 60TB Serial Attached SCSI .... More

TrendForce says worldwide notebook shipments in first half of 2016 fell just 4%

Worldwide notebook shipments for the first half of 2016 fell just 4% year on year to 74.18 million units, according to global research firm TrendForce.... More

Foxconn develops glass casing as iPhone redesign expected

Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn Technology Group, is developing a glass casing for smartphones as its key client Apple Inc. is sai.... More

Amazing new 3D food printer concept shows how well be cooking our meals in 2020

Of all the potential applications of 3D printing, one of the use-cases we hear far too little about is the idea of using additive manufacturing for pr.... More

Doctor Web discovers Trojan that can buy Google Play apps

Of all the malicious Android applications in existence today, Trojans that display annoying advertisements are the most popular with criminals. Some o.... More

Apple will offer up to $200 thousand for the identification of vulnerabilities in its products

American Corporation Apple will pay rewards up to $200 thousand for found vulnerabilities in the software of their products. First, the program will a.... More

Windows 10 Anniversary Update still has coding glitch that leaks data to hackers.

Microsofts Windows 10 Anniversary Update still contains an age-old coding glitch thats responsible for leaking log-in and password data to potentially.... More

Wireless charger also levitates your smartphone, tablet in midair

A Canadian design company is that not only wirelessly charges your phone or tablet but levitates the device at the same time. The OvRcharge, by 15.... More

Singapore scientists grow mini human brains

Scientists in Singapore have made a big leap on research on the mini-brain. These advanced mini versions of the human midbrain will help researchers d.... More

The date of the reception of citizens in Ganja by the Minister of Communications and High Technologies has been changed

The date of the reception of citizens of Ganja, Naftalan, Goranboy, Samukh, Dashkesan, Goygol and Kalbajar regions by Minister of Communications and H.... More