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İnternet Backbone

Delta-Telecom’s  Internet Backbone is a network system which provide Azerbaijan  internal internet traffic by means of international channels to   withdrawal of the world's global Internet network .
In Azerbaijan and in Transcaucasia Internet Backbone  in the first has been created by the Delta-Telecom. The special feature of the created backbone  is that it’s in the direction of north, south  and west is owned by the international channels.

Azerbaijan in Transcaucasia and the Internet backbone for the first time, has been created by the Delta-Telecom. This created a special feature of the highway and the north and south, and west to the full with a tow, is owned by the international channels.
This means that, in the case of any emergency situations,even if while damaging  this international channels, Azerbaijan internet users haven’t be any  problem.

Our Internet  Backbone also services to the largest  ISP’s of  the neighboring countries. This service an example  of the Delta Telecom Internet Backbone’s irreplaceable.
Not only in Azerbaijan, also in the region for the first time, all the three directions by means of an alternative optic highway access to the European Internet Backbone was realized by the Delta Telecom.

Speaking about  geography of the Internet Backbone, here’ll included , Russia, Turkey, Georgia and the most important  Europe internet network.
Being the most stable  infrastructure in the region our main goal  provide Azerbaijan internet users  high quality Internet  with lowest price, also  Internet traffic  associated with Internet Backbone  (internal ISP’s of Azerbaijan and including the neighboring countries ISP’s) uninterrupted and stable, to carry out the transportation of the European Internet Network and expansion of Azeri-language information.

Superiority of the Internet Backbone is that- in the region for the first time transportation of large-capacity Internet traffic through the optical surface channels, also provision with the Russia, Turkey and Europe international Internet channels.
In our strategic development  the main reason of  expanded services providing to region is price and quality policy.

As a result of policies carried out to upgrade the quality, during the year the internet could be reduced the number of resistance, there has not been a break during the year more than 4 minutes.

In 2004, in the international market with the offer for each of meqabit/second capacity for internet the proposal of U.S. $ 36 000 per month, as an  alternative 7000 U.S. $ proposal generating innovation Delta Telecom became the leader of the region with the largest Internet Backbone of the region in a short time.

Working with the slogan high quality, lowest price our backbone’s  prices today- for  september  2010 reduced up to 140 times.

Having  all the International channels converge with high technical parameters routers are conditions in the full backup.

Internet Backbone  is the only sustainable infrastructure of the  region.
Today, Internet Backbone connect to the Europe Backone over the alternative operators in Turkey and Russian, even  over the Oceania.

Each direction with a capacity of international Internet channels measures tens of G/bit seconds.
Capacity which can be transferred to the end-users is not more than 30% of the general capacity.

Increases the amount of capacity increases, attitudes, and Supermagistral attitudes lowest wholesale prices, terms, larger users the opportunity to create. As a result, the annual increase in capacity was more than 3 times.

While  attitudes increases, SuperBackbone increases level of completed capacities and with the most advantageous terms wholesale prices allows users to larger attitudes lowest prices. As a result, the annual increase in capacity was more than 3 times.

Internet  Backbone  services use all Azerbaijan  internal IPS’s - government agencies, banking institutions, corporate clients, private companies and legal entities, also  the neighboring countries  ISP’s. Physical persons can use internet services  of the Internet Backbone  over satellite and mobile  WiMax system.

Azerbaijan  internal internet traffic  transportations to withdrawal of the world's internet network was realized by the Delta Telecom’s Internet Backbone.
At the same time, Azerbaijan's the  only Internet Backbone  increasing the number of international channels a few times during the year and make a great opportunity for the internal internet users to have a faster, high-quality and unlimited internet.
The leader of the region's Internet Backbone with it’s alternative  offers always provide  Azerbaijan internet users high-speedly, quality Internet and for the more  an irreplaceable service we’re working constantly and with a great determination.