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Azerfon-Vodafone joins “Xalq Kompüteri” project

In 2011 Azerfon-Vodafone joined the project «Xalq Kompüteri» (National Computer) as the official mobile internet provider.

Azerfon-Vodafone presenting 3G services first throughout Azerbaijan will provide teachers, students and pupils with high-speed internet services within the framework of "Xalq Kompüteri" (National Computer) project.

Within the framework of the project Azerfon-Vodafone developed special internet bundles: "Əlaçı-1" (Best performer-1) of 500MB and "Əlaçı - 67" (Best performer-67) of 10 GB. Bundle "Əlaçı-1" includes Azerfon-Vodafone modem and 500MB free internet traffic during the first month. Subscribers should pay 3.33 AZN for Azerfon-Vodafone modem during 1 year in order to use "Əlaçı-1" bundle. The price of 500MB internet traffic included into the "Əlaçı-1" bundle is 1 AZN.

"Əlaçı-67" bundle includes Azerfon-Vodafone modem, internet traffic of 10 GB for 1 year term usage. Monthly payment for "Əlaçı-67" bundle is 8.83 AZN.

By offering internet bundles with discounted prices Azerfon-Vodafone aims at supporting application of advanced technologies in the modern education system of Azerbaijan.It is also worth noting that the official partners of are the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Education, HP, Microsoft, Bestcomp Group and Azerfon-Vodafone.

2011-02-08 ||www.trend.az